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GP1U58Y IR detecting unit for remote control
S21MT2 Phototriac coupler
GL4910 Thin type infrared emittting diode
S11ME5 Phototriac coupler conformable to european safety standart
LRS1338A Stacked chip 8M flash and 2M SRAM
PC3H7B Photocoupler
LQ050A5BS01 Color TFT-LCD module
PT550F Phototransistor with base terminal
PC3H7C Photocoupler
PQ1S25 Low power-loss voltage regulator
LH28F160S3HT-L120 LH28F160S3HT-L120 16MBIT (2MB x 8/1MB x 16)Smart 3 Flash Memory 56 pin TSOP
LH28F400BGHN-BL85 4M-BIT (256K x 16)Smart Voltage Flash Memory
GM5WT95200A Light emitting diode
PQ15RF16 Low power-loss voltage regulator
PC702V2 High collector-emitter voltage type Photocoupler
PQ3DZ53 Low power-loss voltage regulator
LT1D51A Chip LED device
LH5164AHD-10L CMOS 64K (8K x 8)static RAM
LH5491U-35 Cascadable 64 x 9 FIFO
GP1U577X IR detecting unit for remote control
LQ181E1DG01 Color TFT-LCD module for OA/multimedia
LZ9GG33M Single-chip driver IC (270K/320K pizels B/W CCD)
LH28F016SCN-L95 16M-bit(2MB x 8)smart voltage Flash Memory
GP1F32T Light transmitting unit
LH540204K-35 CMOS 1096 x 9 asynchronous FIFO
LH532000BT LH532000BT CMOS 1M (128K x 8) Mask Programmable ROM 48-pin TSOP
LH28F320S5NS-L90 32-MBIT (4MB x 8/2MB x 16)Smart 5 Flash Memory
LH540202D-35 CMOS 1024 x 9 asynchronous FIFO

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Sharp is known worldwide for products that pack extraordinary performance inside amazingly compact dimensions. The components, component packaging and integration skills Sharp has developed to make these products possible are also helping thousands of design engineers bring their own ambitious ideas to market. Corporate headquarters are located in Camas, Washington which is also home to Sharp Microelectronics Technology - the U.S. integrated circuit research and development center, liquid crystal display (LCD) research lab, and LCD manufacturing and repair center. Like all Sharp factories, this facility is ISO-9000 certified. Sharp has been one of the world's great innovators of practical devices and electronic components for more than 80 years, beginning with the first mechanical pencil, and including most major breakthroughs in liquid crystal displays, the first handheld calculators, the first LEDs, and much more.