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AL1101 Stereo ADC. High performance 24-bit analog to digital audio converter.
AL1201 Stereo DAC. High performance 24-bit digital to analog audio converter.
AL1401A OptoGen interface converter
AL3201SCR Single chip reverb
AL1402 OptoGen interface converter

Alesis profil

Alesis Semiconductor is a division of Alesis Corporation based in Los Angeles California. Alesis has been, since its conception in 1984, a cutting edge influence in the music technology industry. Our engineers have always sought to do it smarter, and do it for less, for musicians and audio technicians all over the world. One of our most unique functions of our engineering division is ASIC development. Alesis remains one of the only companies to develop their own Application Specific Integrated Circuits. These custom designed chips fit an entire printed circuit board's worth of components into a single package the size of a guitar pick. Custom ASIC design allows us to develop our own processors (instead of working with off the shelf generic parts), and makes our products more stable and compact. ASIC technology also helps to make Alesis equipment the most affordable musical components available.

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