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SP8858MGHCAR MT9196AE MH88612C MT8940AC MT8880CS MT9125AE MT88634BV-2 SP5512KGMPAS MH88634-2 MT90826AG 8C443 MH88422-3 MT90820AP SL6679TP1Q SATURN PDSP16256MC MT8814AP MT8950AC MT8815AE SP8908MP1T SP5730QP1S SP8401 PDSP16116MCGGDR MT89L86AP SP5655 1A439 1A353 MT9160BS

Mitel datablad Catalog-30

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MT91L60AE Mitel3.0V; multi-featured codec (MFC). For battery operated equipment
SP5669MP1T Mitel4.5-5.5V; 2.7GHz I2B bus controlled synthesiser
SP8858MGHCAR Mitel0.3-7.0V; 1-5GHz professional synthesiser
MT9196AE Mitel0.3-7V; 40mA; integrated digital phone circuit. For digital telephone sets, wireless telephone, local area communications stations
MH88612C Mitel0.3-15V; 2W; subscriber line interface circuit. For PABX, intercoms, key systems, control systems
MT8940AC Mitel0.3-7.0V; 10mA; subscriber network interface cicuit. For synchronization and timing control for T1 and CEPT digital trunk transmission links, ST-BUS clock and frame pulse source
MT8880CS MitelIntegrated DTMF transceiver for credit card systems, paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, interconnect dealers and personal computers.
MT9125AE Mitel0.3-7V; 20mA; dual ADPCM transcoder. For pair gain, voice mail systems, wireless set base stations
MT88634BV-2 Mitel0.3-6.0V; central office interface circuit. For PABX, key telephone systems, channel bank, voice mail
SP5512KGMPAS Mitel5V; 215mA; 1.3GHz bidirectional I2C BUS controlled synthesiser. For satellite TV, high IF cable tuning systems
MH88634-2 MitelCentral office interface circuit for PBX, key telephone systems, channel bank, voice mail, terminal equipment, optical multiplexers and digital loop carrier.
MT90826AG Mitel0.3-5.0V; 20mA; quad digital switch. For medium and large switching platforms; CTI applications
8C443 MitelMax=6.0V; 1300/1550mm PIN/Preamp; for datacom, telecom
MH88422-3 Mitel0.3-6.0V; data access arrangement. For FAX, modem, telemetry
MT90820AP Mitel6.0V; 40mA; large digital switch (LDX). For meduim and large switching platforms
SL6679TP1Q Mitel2-7V; direct conversion FSK data receiver. For pagers, including credit card, PCMCIA and watch pagers, low data rate receivers
SATURN Mitel4.0V; 350mW; CDMA/AMPS dual band IF receiver for digital phones
PDSP16256MC Mitel5.0V; 20MHz; progarmmable FIR filter. For high performance digital filters
MT8814AP Mitel4.5-13.2V; 15mA; 8 x 12 analog switch array. For key systems, PABX and key systems, mobile radio, test equipment/instrumentation, analog/digital multiplexers, audio/video switching
MT8950AC MitelData codec. Applications transparent coder/decor for synchronous and asynchronous data, data terminal (RS-232C, etc.) to ST-BUS interface, data switching on digital PBXs, channel banks/TDM multiplexers.
MT8815AE Mitel8x12 analog switch array. Applications key systems, PBX systems, mobile radio, test equipment and instrumentation, analog and digital multiplexers, audio and video switching.
SP8908MP1T Mitel6-5V; 5GHz +8fixed modulus divider
SP5730QP1S Mitel4.5-5.5V; 1.3GHz low phase noise frequency synthesiser. For digital satellite, cable and terrestrial tuning systems, commnucations systems
SP8401 Mitel6.5V; 20mA; very low phase noise 300MHz+10/11. For ultra wideband log receivers, channelised receivers, monopulse applications
PDSP16116MCGGDR Mitel10MHz ;5.0V; 16 x16 bit complex multiplier. For fast fourier transforms, digital filtering, radar and sonar processing, instrumentation, image processing
MT89L86AP Mitel0.3-5.0V; multiple rate digital switch. For medium size mixed voice and data switching
SP5655 Mitel0.3-7.0V; 2-7GHz bidirectional I2C BUS controlled synthesiser. For satellite TV, high IF cable tuning systems
1A439 Mitel0.5V; 160mW; 1320mm high-performance LED; for datacom
1A353 Mitel2.0V; 160mW; 1320mm high-performance DUPLEX; for half-duplex communication
MT9160BS Mitel5 volt multi-featured codec (MFC). Applications digital telephone sets, cellular radio sets, local area communication station, pair gain systems, line cards.

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