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1065IT PST3136 MM1038AF PST597HN MM1593G PST3147 MM1165ZT PST9133N MM1294B PST3344 PST9119 MM1222XS MM3094C MM3093D MM1117XF MM3093G PST7043 PST3228 MM3094J PST9119N MM1302FF PST9238 PST598EN MM6564F PST611SM PST9011N PST9009 PST9231

Mitsumi datablad Catalog-19

Del nrTillverkareAnsökan
MM1145BF MitsumiSystem reset (with built-in watchdog timer)
PST9335U MitsumiSystem reset
MM1065IT MitsumiUltra-low power consumption low-saturation three-pin regulator with on/off pin
PST3136 MitsumiCMOS system reset
MM1038AF MitsumiIC for DC motor control
PST597HN MitsumiSystem reset
MM1593G MitsumiLow-saturation 300mA regulators 3.6V
PST3147 MitsumiCMOS system reset
MM1165ZT MitsumiUltra-low power consumption low-saturation three-pin regulator with on/off pin
PST9133N MitsumiSystem reset
MM1294B MitsumiProtection of lithium ion battery (four cells in series)
PST3344 MitsumiCMOS system reset
PST9119 MitsumiSystem reset
MM1222XS Mitsumi2-input 1-output video switch
MM3094C MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 4.2V
MM3093D MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 3.3V
MM1117XF Mitsumi3-input 1-output video switch
MM3093G MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 3.6V
PST7043 MitsumiSystem reset
PST3228 MitsumiCMOS system reset
MM3094J MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 4.8V
PST9119N MitsumiSystem reset
MM1302FF MitsumiProtection of lithium ion battery (two cell in series)
PST9238 MitsumiSystem reset
PST598EN MitsumiSystem reset
MM6564F MitsumiHigh precision operational amplifier
PST611SM MitsumiSystem reset
PST9011N MitsumiSystem reset
PST9009 MitsumiSystem reset
PST9231 MitsumiSystem reset

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