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1501 MM1320PN LAG640D PST519A MM1437 MM1257GM PST3322 PST595D MM1377 MM1423XD MM1478D PST9143N PST596HN PST993K MM3094G PST3330 PST9125 MM1592C PST7019M PST994I PST592CM MM6564F MM3092E PST611TM MM1332FF PST993I MM1292DF MM3094J

Mitsumi datablad Catalog-36

Del nrTillverkareAnsökan
MM1041XM MitsumiVideo amplifier
MM1196XF MitsumiVideo amplifier
MM1501 MitsumiVideo switch75O driverY/C mix
MM1320PN MitsumiMicrominiature low-noise, low-saturation three-pin regulator
LAG640D MitsumiIC for multifunction telefones
PST519A MitsumiIC for system reseting
MM1437 MitsumiRegulator+reset IC
MM1257GM MitsumiHigh-precision three-pin regulator
PST3322 MitsumiCMOS system reset
PST595D MitsumiSystem reset
MM1377 MitsumiVoltage and current control
MM1423XD MitsumiAV switch for IC BUS control, 4-input, 3 output and canal plus compatible
MM1478D MitsumiRegulator+reset IC for use in CD-ROM drives, regulator output voltage = 3.3V, detection voltage = 4.2V
PST9143N MitsumiSystem reset
PST596HN MitsumiSystem reset
PST993K MitsumiSystem reset
MM3094G MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 4.6V
PST3330 MitsumiCMOS system reset
PST9125 MitsumiSystem reset
MM1592C MitsumiLow-saturation 300mA regulators 2.2V
PST7019M MitsumiSystem reset
PST994I MitsumiSystem reset
PST592CM MitsumiSystem reset
MM6564F MitsumiHigh precision operational amplifier
MM3092E MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 2.4V
PST611TM MitsumiSystem reset
MM1332FF MitsumiControl of lithium ion battery chargihg
PST993I MitsumiSystem reset
MM1292DF MitsumiProtection of lithium ion battery (two cells in series)
MM3094J MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 4.8V

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