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MS6311AS Stereo Audio DAC for VCD player, DVD player applications
MS6310AS Stereo Audio DAC for VCD player, DVD player applications
MS6610BS Stereo Audio DAC for VCD player, DVD player applications
MS8870 DTMF Receiver
MS6308 Class AB stereo headphone driver for CD-RW, DVD-RW, CD-ROM, PDA applications

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MOSA electronics is an analog IC design house, specialized in multimedia field. One of product lines is audio IC. In recent years, these product gain fruitful success in area of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, VCD and DVD players, MP3 and MB. Foreseeing the market potentially in multimedia products, MOSA keep investing large portion of capitals and manpower in high resolution DAC, low power low voltage operational amplifiers, headphone drivers, audio power amplifier and audio volume controllers, in order to provide our valued customer the advanced and profitable products.

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