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5AC0AC 1A277A MH88632BT 1A239 MH88622-5 WL600KG SL1714 1A448 PDSP16256GC PDSP16488AB0 MT8880CC/CC-1 MT8814AE 1A359 MH88620IN MT9092AP MT8808AP MT8965AE MB6012 MT3370BS 1A239 SP5054SKGMPAS MT8980DP SP5769KG MH80625C MT8888CN-1 MH88622-2 MH8981DC SP8802A

Mitel datablad Catalog-17

Del nrTillverkareAnsökan
1A229 Mitel1.5V; 16mW; 870mm high-performance LED, for battery-operated equipment
1A436 Mitel0.5V; 160mW; 1300mm high-performance LED; for sensors, signal transmission
PDSP16515AC0AC Mitel0.5-7.0V; 18mA; stand alone FFT processor
1A277A Mitel1.5V; 250mW; 880mm high-performance LED, for FM and baseband video
MH88632BT Mitel0.3-7.0V; 14mA; central office interface circuit. For PBX, key telephone system, terminal equipment, digital loop carrier, wireless local loop
1A239 Mitel1.5V; 130mW; 840mm high-performance LED, for datacom, general purpose
MH88622-5 Mitel0.3-15V; dual OPS SLIC. For pair gain, CT2, cordless local loops
WL600KG Mitel4V 2.4-2.5GHz RF and IF circuit
SL1714 Mitel0.3-7.0V; quadrature downconverter. For satellite receiver systems, data communications systems
1A448 Mitel1.5V; 35mW; 840mm VCSEL laser diode; for datacom
PDSP16256GC Mitel5.0V; 20MHz; progarmmable FIR filter. For high performance digital filters
PDSP16488AB0 Mitel5.0V; 20MHz; single chip 2D convolver with integral line delays
MT8880CC/CC-1 Mitel6V; 10mA; integrated DTMF transceiver. For paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, personal computers, interconnect dialers
MT8814AE Mitel4.5-13.2V; 15mA; 8 x 12 analog switch array. For key systems, PABX and key systems, mobile radio, test equipment/instrumentation, analog/digital multiplexers, audio/video switching
1A359 Mitel1.5V; 300mW; 780mm high-performance LED; for baseband video
MH88620IN MitelC.O. Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) for central office line cards and on/off-premise PBX line cards.
MT9092AP Mitel0.3-7V; 20mA; digital telephone with HDLC (HPhone-II). For fully featured digital telephone sets
MT8808AP Mitel8x8 analog switch array. Applications key systems, PBX systems, mobile radio, test equipment and instrumentation, analog and digital multiplexers, audio and video switching.
MT8965AE Mitel0.3-6.0V; 20mA; integrated PCM filter codec. For ST-BUS compatible, transmit/receive filters & PCM codec in one I.C.
MB6012 MitelDNIC accessory kit. For use in supporting development activities
MT3370BS Mitel6V; 10mA; wide dynamic range DTMF receiver. For integrated telephone answering machine, end-to-end signalling, fax machines
1A239 Mitel1.5V; 130mW; 840mm high-performance LED, for datacom, general purpose
SP5054SKGMPAS Mitel64mA; 2.6GHz 3-wire BUS controlled synthesiser. For satellite TV, high IF cable tuning systems
MT8980DP Mitel0.3-7.0V; 40mA; digital switch
SP5769KG Mitel0.3-7.0V; 3GHz I2C bus synthesiser. For digital satellite, cable and terrestrial tuning systems, commnucations systems
MH80625C MitelProtection SIP. Applications protection circuit for analog line interfaces, power suppliers, etc.
MT8888CN-1 MitelIntegrated DTMF transiver with Intel micro interface, enhanced to accept lower level signals. Applications credit card systems, paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, interconnect dialers and personal computers.
MH88622-2 MitelDual OPS Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) with 600 Om line interface for pair gain, CT2 and cordless local loop.
MH8981DC Mitel5V; 30mW; digital switch
SP8802A Mitel6.5V; 420mW; 3.3GHz + 2fixed modulus divider

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