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AP MH88422-2 PDSP16488B0 MT9172AP MH8981DE MT8815AP DES9208901AC SP8808DG MT88L70AE PDSP16350GC PDSP16330BBOAC MT8931CC 1A272 VP5313A PDSP16515AC0GC MT90710AP SL1714MP1S 1A225 WL600KG MT8870DS MT90210AL 1A439 SP5769MP1S MB6024 SP8910MP1S MT9161BN SL2017 1A184A MT8979AE

Mitel datablad Catalog-4

Del nrTillverkareAnsökan
SP8852EKGHCAR Mitel0.3-6.0V; 2-7GHz I2C BUS low noise phase noise synthesiser. For complete 2-7GHz single chip system
MT9041AP Mitel0.3-7.0V; 150mA; multiple output trunk PLL. For sycnhronization and timing control for T1 and E1 digital transmission links, ST-BUS clock and frame pulse sources, primary trunk rate converters
MH88422-2 Mitel0.3-6.0V; data access arrangement. For FAX, modem, telemetry
PDSP16488B0 Mitel5.0V; 20MHz; single chip 2D convolver with integral line delays
MT9172AP MitelDigital network interface circuit. Applications digital subscriber lines; high speed data transmission over twisted wires; digital PABX line cards and telephone sets; 80 or 160 kbit/s single chip modem.
MH8981DE Mitel5V; 30mW; digital switch
MT8815AP Mitel8x12 analog switch array. Applications key systems, PBX systems, mobile radio, test equipment and instrumentation, analog and digital multiplexers, audio and video switching.
DES9208901AC Mitel6.0V; 1GHz+16/17, 32/33 multi-modulus divider
SP8808DG Mitel6.5V; 345mW; 3.3GHz + 8fixed modulus divider
MT88L70AE Mitel3V; max=7V; 10mA; integrated DTMF transceiver. For paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, personal computers, interconnect dialers, telephone answering machine
PDSP16350GC Mitel0.5-7.0V; 18mA; 20MHz; I/Q splitter/NCO. For numerically controlled oscillator (NCO), quadrature signal generator, FM PM AM signal modulator
PDSP16330BBOAC Mitel25MHz; 0.5-7.0V; 18mA; pythagoras processor. For digital signal processing,
MT8931CC MitelSubscriber network interface circuit. Applications ISDN NT1, ISDN S or T interface, ISDN terminal adaptors.
1A272 Mitel1.5V; 250mW; 810mm high-performance LED, for avionica, military datacom
VP5313A Mitel4.75-5.25V; NTSC/PAL digital video encoder
PDSP16515AC0GC Mitel0.5-7.0V; 18mA; stand alone FFT processor
MT90710AP Mitel0.3-7.0V; 50mA; high-speed isochronous multiplexer. For fibre distributed systems, backplane concentrators, local area networks (LANs)
SL1714MP1S Mitel0.3-7.0V; quadrature downconverter. For satellite receiver systems, data communications systems
1A225 Mitel1.5V; 130mW; 880mm high-performance DUPLEX, for single-mode datacom
WL600KG Mitel4V 2.4-2.5GHz RF and IF circuit
MT8870DS MitelIntegrated DTMF receiver for British Telecom spec., paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, remote control, personal computers and telephone answering machine.
MT90210AL Mitel6.0V; 40mA; multi-rate parallel access circuit. For fast access to ST-BUS, SCSA, MVIP, and H-MVIP serial backplanes
1A439 Mitel0.5V; 160mW; 1320mm high-performance LED; for datacom
SP5769MP1S Mitel0.3-7.0V; 3GHz I2C bus synthesiser. For digital satellite, cable and terrestrial tuning systems, commnucations systems
MB6024 MitelDSLIC accessory kit (low L). For use in supporting development activities
SP8910MP1S Mitel6-5V; 5GHz +10fixed modulus divider
MT9161BN Mitel5.0V; multi-featured codec (MFC). For digital telephone sets, cellular radio sets
SL2017 Mitel4.75-5.25V; full base satellite tuner. For satellite tuners, commnucations systems
1A184A Mitel1.5V; 250mW; 870mm high-performance LED, for FM video
MT8979AE Mitel0.3-7.0V; 30mA; CEPT PCM 30/CRC-4 framer & interface circuit. For DS1/ESF digital trunk interfaces, computer to PBX interfaces (DMI and CPI), high speed computer to computer data links

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