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32 MT8804AP SP5669KG MT8982AS MH89101 SL6679 MT88L70AN NWK933 MT8809AP MT9074AL 1A398 MH88400-3 MH88622-3 4D469 1A358 MH8843AS MT90812AL MT9080AP MT8889CS-1 1A192 1A225 SL1925NP2T MT8960AE MH88500IN SP8908 SL1461MPAS MT8930CP SA8282/IG/DP1S

Mitel datablad Catalog-2

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MT8924AE Mitel"0.3-7V; 10mA; PCM conference circuit (PCC). For digital PBX/KTS, conference bridges, digital C.O. switchies"
8C449 Mitel"Max=6.0V; 850mm PIN/Preamp; for datacom, general purpose, analog applications"
MT88V32 Mitel"8x4 high performance video switch array for high-end video routing and switching, medical instrumentation, automatic test equipment (ATE) and multi-media communication."
MT8804AP Mitel"8x4 analog switch array (for PABX and key systems applications, data acquisition systems, test equipment and instrumentation and analod/digital multiplexers applications)"
SP5669KG Mitel4.5-5.5V; 2.7GHz I2B bus controlled synthesiser
MT8982AS Mitel5V; small digital switch. For cost sensitive digital switching applications
MH89101 Mitel"Passive line termination circuit. For pair gain system, ISDN NT1 and NT2 interfaces, digital multiplexers and concentrators, ISDN U-interface terminals"
SL6679 Mitel2-7V; direct conversion FSK data receiver. For pagers, including credit card, PCMCIA and watch pagers, low data rate receivers
MT88L70AN Mitel3V; max=7V; 10mA; integrated DTMF transceiver. For paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, personal computers, interconnect dialers, telephone answering machine
NWK933 Mitel3.3V; 10/100 fast enthernet transveiver to MII,
MT8809AP Mitel4.5-13.2V; 15mA; 8 x 8 analog switch array. For key systems, PABX and key systems, mobile radio, test equipment/instrumentation, analog/digital multiplexers, audio/video switching
MT9074AL Mitel0.3-7.00V; T1/E1/J1 single chip transceiver for T1/E1 add/drop multiplexers and channel banks
1A398 Mitel1.5V; 230mW; 1300mm high-performance LED; for test equipment
MH88400-3 MitelLine interface circuit with UK line impedance. Applications interface to central office for DAA, modem, fax, answering machine and terminal equipment.
MH88622-3 MitelDual OPS Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) with 370 Om + (620 Om // 310nF) line interface for pair gain, CT2 and cordless local loop.
4D469 Mitel1.5V; 840mm VCSEL array; for parallel datacom, telecom
1A358 Mitel20V; 1300/1550mm high-performance PIN; for datacom, telecom, general purpose
MH8843AS MitelCalling number identification circuit. For feature phone, phone set adjunct boxes, FAX machines, telephone answering machines, database query systems
MT90812AL Mitel0.3-7.0V; integrated digital switch
MT9080AP MitelSMX- switch matrix module. For building block for digigtal switch matrices
MT8889CS-1 MitelIntegrated DTMF transiver with Adaptive micro interface, enhanced to accept lower level signals. Applications credit card systems, paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, interconnect dialers and personal computers.
1A192 Mitel1.5V; 250mW; 880mm high-performance LED, for sensors, signal transmission
1A225 Mitel1.5V; 130mW; 880mm high-performance DUPLEX, for single-mode datacom
SL1925NP2T Mitel4.75-5.25V; satellite zero IF QPSK tuner IC. For satellite receiver systems, data commnucations systems
MT8960AE Mitel0.3-6.0V; 20mA; integrated PCM filter codec. For ST-BUS compatible, transmit/receive filters & PCM codec in one I.C.
MH88500IN MitelHybrid subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) for PABX, intercoms and key systems applications.
SP8908 Mitel6-5V; 5GHz +8fixed modulus divider
SL1461MPAS MitelWideband PLL FM demodulator advance information
MT8930CP Mitel0.3-7.0V; 20mA; subscriber network interface cicuit. For ISDN NT1, ISDN S or T interface, ISDN terminal adaptor (TA), digital sets (TE1) - 4 wire ISDN interface, digital PABXs, digital line cards (NT2)
SA8282/IG/DP1S MitelThree-phase PWM waveform generator

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