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8977AP 8C443 8C449 SL1710 MT89790BN SP8916 MT8924AS MT90840AP PDSP16488ACBR VP2611 MH89791 1A194 SP8902KG MT8963AS MT88L89AP MT8971BE 2B455 PDSP16510AMAGCPR SL1711B MT8888CC/CC-1 MH88422-3 MT8808AP MH88620IN MT9300AL MT89760BN MT8941AP MT8889CC VP5513A

Mitel datablad Catalog-27

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1A444 Mitel1.5V; 35mW; 840mm VCSEL laser diode; for datacom, general purpose
MEB90812A-P MitelEvaluation kit
MT8977AP Mitel0.3-7.0V; 40mA; T1/ESF framer circuit. For DS1/ESF digital trunk interfaces, computer to PBX interfaces (DMI and CPI), high speed computer to computer data links
8C443 MitelMax=6.0V; 1300/1550mm PIN/Preamp; for datacom, telecom
8C449 MitelMax=6.0V; 850mm PIN/Preamp; for datacom, general purpose, analog applications
SL1710 Mitel0.3-7.0V; quadrature downconverter. For cellular telephone, cordless telephone, mobile radio
MT89790BN Mitel0.3-7.0V; 40mA; CEPT PCM 30/CRC-4 framer & interface circuit. For primary rate ISDN network nodes, multiplexing equipment, private network PBX to PBX links
SP8916 Mitel6-5V; 5GHz +16fixed modulus divider
MT8924AS MitelPCM conference circuit (PCC). Applications digital PBX/KTS, conference bridges and digital C.O. switches.
MT90840AP MitelDistributed hyperchannel switch
PDSP16488ACBR Mitel5.0V; 20MHz; single chip 2D convolver with integral line delays
VP2611 Mitel0.5-7.0V; 18mA H.261 encoder
MH89791 MitelCEPT PCM 30 transmit equalizer
1A194 Mitel1.5V; 160mW; 860mm high-performance LED, for datacom, general purpose
SP8902KG Mitel6-5V; 5GHz +2fixed modulus divider
MT8963AS Mitel0.3-6.0V; 20mA; integrated PCM filter codec. For ST-BUS compatible, transmit/receive filters & PCM codec in one I.C.
MT88L89AP Mitel3 volt integrated DTMF transceiver with power down and adaptive micro interface. Applications paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, interconnect dialers and personal computers.
MT8971BE MitelDigital subscriber interface circuit for digital subscriber lines, high speed data transmission over twisted wires, digital PABX line cards and telephone sets, 80 or 160 kbit/s single chip modems.
2B455 Mitel1.5V; 35mW; 840mm VCSEL laser diode; for datacom
PDSP16510AMAGCPR Mitel0.3-7.0V; 18mA; stand alone FFT processor
SL1711B Mitel4.75-5.25V; 109mA; quadrature downconverter for satellite receiver systems
MT8888CC/CC-1 Mitel6V; 10mA; integrated DTMF transceiver with intel micro interface. For paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, personal computers, interconnect dialers
MH88422-3 Mitel6V; 90mA;line interface circuit. For DAA, modem, fax, answering machine, terminal equipment
MT8808AP Mitel4.5-13.2V; 15mA; 8 x 8 analog switch array. For key systems, PABX and key systems, mobile radio, test equipment/instrumentation, analog/digital multiplexers, audio/video switching
MH88620IN Mitel0.3-15V; C.O. SLIC. For on/off-premise PBX line cards, central office line cards
MT9300AL Mitel0.3-5.0V; 20mA; milti-channel voice echo canceller. For voice over IP network gateways; voice over ATM,frame array
MT89760BN Mitel0.3-7.0V; 40mA; T1/ESF framer & interface circuit. For DS1/ESF digital trunk interfaces
MT8941AP Mitel0.3-7.0V; 10mA; subscriber network interface cicuit. For synchronization and timing control for T1 and CEPT digital trunk transmission links, ST-BUS clock and frame pulse source
MT8889CC MitelIntegrated DTMF transiver with Adaptive micro interface. Applications credit card systems, paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, interconnect dialers and personal computers.
VP5513A Mitel4.75-5.25V; NTSC/PAL digital video encoder

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