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D-P MT8808AE MT8982AC 1A359 1A239 MT8982AE MT8880CS-1 MT8885AE MT8808AC SP5748MP1S PDSP16330BCOAC 1A212

Mitel datablad Catalog-35

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SATURNQP1T Mitel4.0V; 350mW; CDMA/AMPS dual band IF receiver for digital phones
MTH88437AD-P Mitel0.3-6.0V; data access arrangement. For FAX/modem, electronic point of sale, security system
MT8808AE Mitel8x8 analog switch array. Applications key systems, PBX systems, mobile radio, test equipment and instrumentation, analog and digital multiplexers, audio and video switching.
MT8982AC Mitel5V; small digital switch. For cost sensitive digital switching applications
1A359 Mitel1.5V; 300mW; 780mm high-performance LED; for baseband video
1A239 Mitel1.5V; 130mW; 840mm high-performance LED, for datacom, general purpose
MT8982AE Mitel5V; small digital switch. For cost sensitive digital switching applications
MT8880CS-1 MitelIntegrated DTMF transceiver for credit card systems, paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, interconnect dealers and personal computers.
MT8885AE Mitel6V; 10mA; integrated DTMF transceiver. For paging systems, repeater systems/mobile radio, credit card systems, personal computers, interconnect dialers
MT8808AC Mitel4.5-13.2V; 15mA; 8 x 8 analog switch array. For key systems, PABX and key systems, mobile radio, test equipment/instrumentation, analog/digital multiplexers, audio/video switching
SP5748MP1S Mitel4.5-5.5V; 2.4GHz very low phase noise PLL. For TV, VCR and cable tuning systems, communications systems
PDSP16330BCOAC Mitel25MHz; 0.5-7.0V; 18mA; pythagoras processor. For digital signal processing,
1A212 Mitel2.0V; 160mW; 880mm high-performance DUPLEX, for half-duplex communication

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